STO7443 - How did VMware IT Achieve a Non-Disruptive Disaster Recovery Test in 90 Minutes for 900 Terabytes of Storage and 2000 Production Virtual Machines?

VMware IT team achieved a non-disruptive disaster recovery (DR) test failover for 900 terabytes of storage and over 2000 production virtual machines in 90 minutes using VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), VMware NSX and VMware Horizon View. Simplified DR is one of the biggest driving factors for virtualizing multi-tier applications. Most enterprises have struggled to meet business DR requirements due to the cost, effort and down time involved in implementation and testing. VMware IT team developed a DR approach with the goals of shortening the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and allowing non-disruptive DR testing that includes application functionality validation. We will discuss the architecture of VMware IT non-disruptive DR solution using SRM, how VMware NSX can be used to create an isolated copy of the production network topology for DR testing and the implementation of VMware View for end-user connectivity to the isolated DR test network. This session will also discuss the testing methodology and advanced configurations used to achieve the DR testing with a shortened RTO.