CNA4725 - Scalable Cloud Native Apps with Docker and Mesos

The Apache Mesos distributed systems kernel creates large-scale cells across all types of Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings and lends itself to building high-performance, on-demand clusters for developers and system engineers. As momentum builds around Docker and Apache Mesos within engineering teams, it is evident the infrastructure and operations teams need a strategy for offering Apache Mesos internally on a VMware private cloud environment. Combining Apache Mesos with Docker as a cell offering within your existing private cloud environment, you are able to leverage a dedicated HDFS data warehouse to leverage against the elastic and on-demand nature of analytic processing jobs. The transient nature of Apache Mesos allows engineers to be more agile in their consumption of physical resources within the private cloud infrastructure. One of the largest challenges to offering Apache Mesos within a private cloud environment is rapid deployment and standardized configuration. This presentation will help system architects understand how to utilize existing Open Source projects to customize a framework to offer a dedicated HDFS data warehouse and a preconfigured Mesosphere stack with Apache Mesos, Marathon and Chronos. The automated approach will allow an organization to become more agile in their Platform-as-a-Service offerings within a private cloud environment. The presentation will demonstrate similar functionality within a private cloud environment as the Mesosphere offerings for automated deployments into various public cloud environments. Utilizing intelligent cluster deployments, resource are deployed as a single Apache Mesos entity. The ability to rapidly deploy cells will help to decrease adoption time by customers.